Superdry launch in Queenstown

Easily one of the highlights of my year was when streetwear giant Superdry launched their second store in New Zealand and I got to be a part of it!

It was so special because my family and I have been regular customers of Superdry ever since I was a teenager so when I got the DM slide to join their ‘Grand Opening’ with an influencer-led trip in Queenstown I was over the moon.

Superdry hand-picked 11 influencers from all around New Zealand and treated us to an incredible 7 day trip to discover all the beauty that the South had to offer whilst of course, sporting all the latest Superdry summer/spring gear and being shown how their products align with the Superdry lifestyle.

On the first day, Superdry took us to an exclusive, nation-first workshop with Instagram – yes, the ‘INSTAGRAM’. There we met with a representative from the app and got to learn about all the new things that were happening with the app in the future. We even got to learn best-practices of how to be better content creators as well as have all our queries answered. It was amazing!

We were kitted out with a full Superdry wardrobe, and got

Kitted out with a full Superdry wardrobe, influencers conquered a variety of activities including Jet Boating, wine tasting and of course – skiing down the Remarkable’s!

which I still wear regularly every week.

offering men’s and women’s clothing and accessories.

The Queenstown store also offers a selection of Superdry Snow, which features fashion forward, technical alternatives to traditional snow gear.

With over 500 global stores already worldwide, Superdry chose Queenstown for the adventure spirit and alignment to their brand.

It was an absolute honour to partner with Superdry and welcome a legendary brand into the market. I also find their brand history incredibly inspiring, as Superdry began in 2003 out of a car boot in central London and has experienced exponential growth in the past few years.


This was shortly after their super-popular, debut launch in Auckland which marked New Zealand as Superdry’s 47th country.




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