My top picks for Christmas gifts at Yoyoso

FINALLY – the most wonderful time of the year has arrived! Christmas – how do you celebrate it? With lots of gifts? Quality time? Or is it just another day? For me, it’s not really something I’d usually go out of my way for, but this year – OH this year, I am going to make the MOST of it! We’re talking gifts for everybody, plans for both the AM and PM, and I will be singing Christmas songs alllll week. Speaking of gifts, I’ve teamed up with Yoyoso to gather my top picks for the holiday season. Each of these items are items I wish I could gift myself, so it’s sure to please!


  1. A Christmas themed soft-toy


If there’s one thing that Yoyoso does extremely well, it’s that they always have a huge array of soft toys to choose from. In fact, in every store I’ve been to, (and that’s almost all of them!) they always take up an entire wall. And fair enough, because Yoyoso toys are seriously the cutest, softest, fun items to get for any time of the year, but especially for Christmas. Perfect for all ages, just look at how cute they are! Grab one before they sell out!



2. Bath Salts

Now for those that want to use this holiday to take care of themselves more seriously (and so they should!) I recommend getting some of Yoyoso’s bath salts. It’s the perfect excuse for taking some time for yourself and to help your skin feel refreshed, nourished and treated like royalty. They smell INCREDIBLE, are affordable, and pops into your busy life seamlessly. Get this for the person in your life that is GO-GO-GO. They’ll thank you for it!



3. Beauty Brushes


Have you got a beauty guru amongst your circle? Or is it YOU! Top up your makeup kit with some beauty essentials at Yoyoso. I know that I’ll be needing a few new goodies because I want to start a Youtube channel soon – yep, you read it here first! These are literally the best tools to help apply makeup the best – so be sure to invest in these good quality brushes and get your VLOG on! x



4. Popmart

If there’s one thing you didn’t know you actually needed in life, it’s Popmart. When I first glanced at these cute figurines, I thought to myself, what is this!? I’ve never seen this before. And the more I looked at it, the more I chatted to friends about it, the more I realised – this is going to get dangerous, because I want them all! Seriously, Popmart is on fire and they are always bringing out new releases, so this is a collectable that will be highly appreciated due to the Limited Edition feel. Even if you get a repeat, be sure to join the Facebook groups out there so that you can do a swap. How cool! 🙂




5.  Bluetooth Speaker


There’s so many reasons why you’d want a bluetooth speaker once you own it – trust me! Not only would it be perfect for road trips, it’d be great for all the times you’ll head to the beach this summer, as well as the house parties! This speaker will bring all the best vibes to any occasion, so why not gift it to your best mates? You’re also bound to end up using it with them, and can fight for the rights to choose the songs… so it’s a win-win I say! You can pick from grey and pink. (I like the grey one!)



And there you have it, my favourite gifts that I reckon would be perfect this Christmas! Be sure to pop into the Yoyoso stores, they are all around Auckland so there’s bound to be one near you. I recommend heading in early to avoid the rush, and scooping them up – they’re bound to be snapped up quick! Merry Christmas everyone, see you in the New Year! xx


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