Getting the most of your coloured hair

It’s been almost two years since I’ve ditched the dark, black hair that came as a stock standard in life and I’m confident to say it’s so exciting that I will not be pressing reset anytime soon!

I have tried so many colours and tones – from warm browns, to icy blondes, to pink, purple and hopefully soon, baby blue! Every time I get my hair done I’m always flooded with questions of haircare, damage worries, salon choice and pricing so I thought team up with my hairdresser, Aki at 98 Hairdressing to share our best tips on getting the most of your coloured hair.


Dyed hair requires special attention, so invest in salon-grade products formulated for colored hair.

  • In my opinion, coloured hair can absolutely look and feel healthy, as long as you know which products to use. I have never had my hair ‘fall out’ which is a HUGE compliment to my hairdresser, as well as the salon quality products in my shelf. Aki and I are both big fans of Olaplex which is a brand that solely focuses on returning your hair to its natural state. The three-step Olaplex system helps to reduce frizz, dullness, and neutralises pH levels thus repairing the bonds of the hair shaft. Bonds break when exposed to chemicals in colour, from heat, and mechanical force such as combing wet hair. So using Olaplex in between trips to the salon can make all the difference, especially if your hair is new to dyeing. You’ll also be pleased to know that Olaplex is free of silicone, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes, gluten and is never tested on animals! 🙂 I get my Olaplex from here.


  • If you do not have dyed hair right now but are thinking about it, we suggest prepping your hair anyway if you can. This means making sure your hair is well nourished and hydrated. It certainly does not hurt to begin your oil and hair mask game early, and to get regular trims and avoid heating tools. It’s not necessary, but it certainly helps! I love using my Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque as well as Eleven Australia Miracle Hair Treatment. I find them to be so valuable to keeping my hair healthy and I can always feel the difference when I haven’t used them in a while. Moisture loss and dryness are common after-effects when you color your hair. The only way to deal with this problem is to hydrate your hair with conditioning treatments. no hair care routine can be complete without oiling


  • Hair colour choice is so important to whether you will be able to make the most of your hair colour or not. At my salon, they only use Schwarzkopf dye and another famous brand from Hong Kong. It goes without saying the box dye is not at all good for your hair, and in fact makes it difficult should you walk into any salon in the hopes of changing colour. If your hair has box dye in it, it’s best to cut your hair where the box dye is, or put in the time with your hairdresser to remove it completely. a professional hair color with conditioning properties. also, if you have a colour timeline, ask your hairdresser to plan which order to dye in to achieve the colours you’d like.


  • Eleven as well as Fanola shampoo and conditioner.

    Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner

Freshly colored hair is vulnerable to damage and bleeding. To ensure that the color lasts for longer and that your hair stays healthy, it is crucial to invest in some good color-protecting products. Color-protecting shampoos and conditioners from a protective layer over the hair shaft, which keeps the color from bleeding. While most color-protecting shampoos work for warm-toned shades, go for a color-protecting, sulfate-free shampoo if you’ve opted for a cooler-toned shade. Sulfate-free shampoos are always a good option because they do not strip away the natural oils from your hair and also do not leave deposits, altering your hair color. After colouring, wait a full 72 hours before washing your hair. When coloring hair, your cuticle layer is opened, making it easy for color to penetrate the hair shaft. When you wash your hair too soon after your appointment, the cuticle layer could still be open which then leads to your color being washed down the drain. It takes up to three days for the cuticle layer to fully close, so the longer you wait to shampoo your hair after you color your hair, the more time the color pigment will have to soak into the hair cuticle – which will help your color last longer in between salon visits. Turn down water temperature when shampooing. If you are not shampooing, pop your hair in a shower cap.


Add dye to your conditioner.

I found … by … when I went pink, and I’ve heard from just about everyone that has gone pink before that this is their secret weapon of choice!


Trim your hair:

It is always a good idea to trim your hair right after it has been through any kind of processing. Damage after coloring your hair is inevitable, and trimming off the ends keeps this damage from spreading.


Cut down your washes:


Color bleeds when you wash your hair often so one of the best ways to make it last longer is to cut down on your washes (1). If you wash your hair 4 times a week, try cutting it down to 2-3 times. Not only will this help make the color longer last but also preserve the natural oils produced by your scalp that nourish your hair. While you can still rinse your hair in between showers, investing in a good dry shampoo is a good way to stretch out the time in between washes. I love using batiste.


Go Easy On The Heat

This one is pretty simple. Everyone knows that using heat styling tools on a regular basis can cause a considerable amount of damage to your hair (1). Soon after coloring your hair, try to cut down on your use of heat styling tools. Let your hair air-dry instead of using a blow dryer. If you have no choice but to use one, use it on the cool setting while keeping the dryer at least 15 cm away from your hair.

Use heat protectant spray before using hot tools. I like to use heat tamer spray by tresemme.

  • Hair supplements like collagen.


Now that you know how to take care of colored hair, what are you waiting for? Following these simple tips can restore and maintain the health of your colored hair. Use these tips as a guide when you go on your next hair adventure. Let us know what you have in store for your hair in the comments section below.


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