A reflection on 2020 and what I was forced to change


What a year 2020 has been. It certainly did not pan out the way I had expected, where I had imagined it to be the best year for work, study and travels. Everything I had been pursuing and working towards in 2019, I was eager to see the result of in 2020. Does anyone else feel this way? Although that was what I had expected for 2020, I managed to improve in many other ways, such as self-care, which I feel very grateful for as I do not think I would have been able to had the year continued as normal.



By moving self-care to the top of the list, I ended up designing a life I was excited to live. If you were to ask me what was most important to me, one of my answers would be health. However, even though I could claim to be healthy, I wasn’t necessarily keeping an eye on what nutrients I lacked in my body, educating myself on what my body needs as I grow older or exercising daily. I simply just wasn’t ‘sick’ and this year I decided that wasn’t good enough.


What if you simply devoted this year to loving yourself more?


To kick things off, I started taking Women’s Daily from MeToday every morning. Keeping it next to the coffee machine helped me stick to it, and knowing it was a premium, quality formula which contained 28 vitamins, minerals and herbs made me feel awesome. Even with a busy lifestyle, I became determined to do something great for my general health and well-being, and this was a simple and easy addition to my day. After trialling this for almost two months I could really feel the benefits in the powerful antioxidants from cranberry, grape-seed and ginkgo. It didn’t stop there though – I was only getting started.


Feel free to get hugely, ridiculously happy about the tiniest little things


You see, the first lockdown taught me a lot about time. I realised just how much time I really had. Instead of rushing about like a headless chicken, I was forced to realise the stressful lifestyle I had created was really all down to a lack of focus. So I started taking a supplement with all of the Vitamin B’s – MeToday’s Energise. And what a difference! Combined with my new daily exercise, it’s the answer for a better mood, mental focus as well as overall energy production. They’ve even gone the extra mile and included adaptogenic herbs Siberain ginseng and ashwagandha which provides support during stressful times. I really appreciated this, because it simply is not my style to slow down. Instead I was grateful to be able to focus and step-up during unprecedented times. Sounds ambitious, but it’s just the way I like it.


You can’t pour from an empty cup. Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.


Once I had my general health on track, as well as an increase in energy, I decided to create my ideal sleep routine. There wouldn’t be much use in improving the other aspects of my health if I didn’t make sure I could keep the cycle going right!? For a great sleep I’d hop off my phone an hour before bedtime, take the highly absorbable MeToday Goodnight supplement, then go for a long hot shower. I’d tuck myself into bed with extra pillows and a weighted blanket, then doze off into a deep, restful sleep. Based off of traditional and scientific evidence, the magnesium helps my muscles relax and function, and the valerian helps calm tension and restlessness. The quality of sleep I now have is priceless.


Self-care is how you take your power back.


Ever since I made the decision to prioritise my health and self-care, I have truly experienced the benefits that MeToday brings to all their consumers. Their ethos is all about unlocking a better tomorrow, and to live your best life in your own way. For me, I felt great being in control and I’m proud to be so much healthier this year than ever before. Now that we are out of both lockdowns, I still have a hectic life – but with these supplements as my little sidekicks, I’m ready to take on the rest of 2020, and so will you.


This post is sponsored by @metodaynz, where all facts are theirs and opinions my own.

Always read the label. Take only as directed and in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. MeTodayAuckland.
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